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CHATOliver Sean prefers success at a steady pace

His own masterOliver Sean
His own masterOliver Sean

It was in 2002that Oliver Sean came to public attention with his debut album ‘I Like It', with the title track being his most recognisable number till date. Then last year, he released his new single ‘So Good', following it up last month, with the release of his second full-length English album of the same name. Sean says, “In 2002, when the album came out, I was promoting it for the next two years. Then I got caught up in production work, world music albums, singles...” “I wouldn't want it any other way, because when you grow at a steady pace you kind of stay at the height that you've reached.”

Sean set up the entertainment company W.O.A. International in 1998. W.O.A. Records is a part of W.O.A. International. Sean admits W.O.A Records was mostly started as a “vanity label” to release and promote his debut album. “And I just realised there are so many really, really good artistes around the world who don't have any kind of support or don't want to change just because a label wants them to cater to a current trend of music. Artistes like me, basically.” Also, he says, the record label opened his eyes to music dissimilar to his own.

While he has resisted fitting into a single genre, Goa based Sean, says he's finally come up with a description of his music — “adult contemporary pop rock, fused with slamming acoustic guitars and an amazing stage show”.

Sean is in the middle of a 10-month tour, with the U.K., China and U.S.A to follow the Indian leg. Scheduled for a December release is anOliver Sean: Live in Concert two-hour DVD, which will have clippings from the concerts he does on the tour.





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