Move over 3D. 4D has come to entertain kids in the city, courtesy Funmax

If you are still reeling under the magic of “Avatar”, here's something that promises to take the 3D experience ahead — a new 4D experience screen in the city by Funmax that launched its first centre at the Abhirami Mega Mall recently.

During a preview, a select audience was sent into the world of the haunted racetrack — an edge-of-the-seat adventure ride that simulates the experience of going on the crazy rollercoaster of a race-track infested with ghouls and scares around every corner. An experience so immersive you will feel the water splash around your neck as you race through the nightmare. Kids screamed in excitement and got off their seats with a wide grin on the face.

Combining gaming and storytelling, the 4D escape to a virtual world could very well be the cinema of the future.

“The combination of 3D movies with chair effects, wind blowing, water spraying, leg ticklers, smoke, scent and environment enhancers such as virtual fog, rain, lighting, air bubbles, and smell will enable audiences to have both visual and sensory experiences and create a unique, never-before-almost-life-like-experience,” says Charanya Ravishankar, Founder and Managing Director, Dynamic Dimensions, the company behind Funmax. Funmax offers two variants of the experience — the shorter duration ride of about 5-8 minutes, and a longer “attraction” experience will actually deliver a short film in the 4D format. As an inaugural offer, the package of both the ride and the attraction together (about 20 minutes long) is priced at Rs. 120.

“We are sure people will love this new age entertainment and Chennai will have more such centres in the years to come,” adds Charanya.

The 4D technology provided by Israeli company Simnoa Technologies is an improvement over similar rides that were once offered in Chennai a few years ago. Funmax is in talks with many city malls and commercial spaces to open similar centres soon before expanding to the rest of Tamil Nadu.

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