Had another person been in Thiagarajan Kumararaja's shoes, he or she might, on learning that “Aaranya Kandam” had won a National award, have bragged about how right they had been all the while about the film. They might have even gone on record saying how wrong the Censor Board officials, who had insisted on 63 cuts in the film before permitting it to release with an A certificate, had been. But then, the person that he is, director Kumararaja does nothing of that sort. “I won't claim a moral victory. The Censor Board officials were doing their job just as we were doing ours. They were looking at the whole issue from a different angle and cannot be blamed for it. The tribunal in particular was kind and understood the fact that a gangster movie such as ‘Aaranya Kaandam' will have such language and scenes. They realised it was a natural process and not deliberate. It was nice of them to allow the film to be as it was,” says the director of the National award winning film, which had to weather a storm before making it to the screens.