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Hot zone The basketball court is for gossip, lunch and last-minute cramming
Hot zone The basketball court is for gossip, lunch and last-minute cramming


St. Joseph’s College of Commerce

The Hangout: The basketball courtRush Hour: Just before classes begin for the day, lunch break and it’s most crowded at the end of the day.Where it’s at: The shady basketball court is what you’d first notice when you enter the college. It is located on the right as soon as you enter the college, in front of the old building.

What’s to love: You never really need a particular reason to be found on the basketball court! Apart from it being one of the only large enough places for congregating on campus, the basketball court seems to be the centre of all action.

Be it for the inter college basketball matches, the incredible and, shall we say, innumerable fests the college hosts, this court is always teeming with youngsters. The girls claim to like this place because this is the “gappa” zone. The best place to eavesdrop or get a fresh update of college gossip is this shady basketball court.

The boys on the other hand think the wide view they have from across the court is ideal for spotting the vulnerable junior to rag and is also ideal for “bird watching” (ahem)! If you’re frantically searching for a friend and he isn’t in class you needn’t panic because as sure as death you’d find him on the court.

And just before an exam, this zone is the perfect place to cram formulae and gather some eleventh-hour knowledge.

Also, this is where you can acquire a pen or a geometry set when time is running out and you’ve forgotten to bring your own stationery.

The aroma of home-cooked food and even the sumptuous canteen snacks emanates from this place during the lunch break.

Be it a for a choir performance or for the dance competitions, this court is nothing less than a multi-purpose arena.

What’s not to: Most often the court is overcrowded and during fests, students complain that the place becomes almost unrecognizable. Since everyone is always chattering away, noise pollution is on the rise.

Alternative: The college canteen attracts many.

Yet students claim there just cannot be a worthy substitute for the good ol’ basketball court!




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