EVENT Women in Bangalore respond with Skirt The Issue to protest against sexual violence

Skirt The Issue is not a protest /march /procession/demonstration, so please make sure there are no placards, no posters, and no slogans. If you really must, write your message on a piece of white paper and cello-tape it onto your t-shirts.

The group calls all the men out there to come out and take a stand against the violence against women and invites them to walk from wherever they are with or without a skirt, today at 4 p.m. in the heart of the city, to engage in conversation, and share insight into crimes against women.

This is an awareness initiative, a creative campaign and one can participate by wearing a skirt.

Go about your day as usual, work, shopping, the movies, but do it in a skirt and be sure to tell people why you’re wearing it. For all the details visit ttp://itshereonly. blogspot.in/