Skin deep trouble

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Homoeo Call Hives are often triggered by chronic allergy

The human body has an innate mechanism to sense an intruder breaking through the body’s defence mechanism and steps in to neutralise the intrusion. If it happens to the skin, the body produces a chemical called histamine, to deal with the infection. However, there may be cases when the body’s defence mechanism may be alerted for no necessary reason. This could happen due to an allergy or a condition where there is an overt defence of the body, which causes this unnecessary flush and appears as a rash, swelling of the affected area and a redness that leads to a sensation of itching. Scratching this itch only makes the rash worse. This condition is commonly called as hives or urticaria.

Angioedema or a slight reddish swelling underneath the skin is characteristic of urticaria. This could probably due be to a protein in the body, but is usually due to foods, medicines, latex, infections, insect bites etc. The common foods could be nuts, chocolate, fish, tomatoes, eggs, fresh berries, soy, wheat and milk. Cooked foods are less likely to cause allergies than uncooked foods. Additives and preservatives are the usual culprits. All these could be a source of an acute response of an allergy. But this could also be in the chronic form wherein the response tends to become a little more usual and chronic. Sometimes a mechanical pressure on the skin and even a thermal influence in the form of heat or cold due to sun exposure or snowing could also cause urticaria. So much so that on scratching the skin there is a rash. This is called dermatographism.

As such there are no investigations that to determine such a condition. Although there could be an increase in the eosinophil count and another blood tests of immunoglobulin E could also be raised. A skin prick test where the probable antigens are pricked on the surface and the allergen is out in the open as there is a slight flare up may also identify.

With homoeopathic medicines this condition can be cured. Lifestyle management tricks like avoiding hot water and using lukewarm water instead; using a gentle soap; applying cold compress over the affected area and wearing loose-fitting clothes will help. Remedies like Bovista, Nux vomica, Alumina, Apis mel, Rhus tox, Copaiva, Urtica urens can help relieve hives and prevent recurrence. Only if there are symptoms like dizziness, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, tightness of the chest and if there is swelling of tongue, lips or face some care needs to be taken right away.


Sexual disorder

Isuffer from premature ejaculation. However, I don’t have any problem in terms of desire or relationship with my spouse. – abc.

This is a common problem that homoeopathic remedies like Ac. Phos, Selenium, Agnus castus, Lycopodium can correct. Consult a Homoeopath.




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