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THE FULL MILE Select a thali meal if you’d like the complete works
THE FULL MILE Select a thali meal if you’d like the complete works

Set your tongue on fire with some spicy rasam, biriyani and tokku at Dhakshini

Dhakshini is another restaurant started by the Ravichandar Group on the Inner Ring Road, Domlur. This place offers flavours from south India. The mood this restaurant creates with its ambience is also very south Indian and the music too suits the mood. It was classical instrumental while we dined.

After soaking in the ambience we start treating ourselves from the vast menu. We begin with a spicy rasam — the podi rasam. This soup, with a tiny piece of chicken with a bone, just grows on you. By the time you are through, your ears are on fire, and there is a very tangy peppery flavour in your mouth. This spice level set the mood for the rest of the food. Everything served here is high on spice. The menu also serves most of the dishes from Andhra so you better be prepared.

After soup we progress to starters, which includes a bowl full of appalams of various flavours made of rice and maida. Then there is the traditional Andhra tokku or the tamarind chutney. This makes a brilliant combination, having the appalam dipped in the chutney.

You can try dipping the appalams in the other traditional chutneys served. But we vote for the tokku. Then we move to the Chettinad chicken fry, prawns, followed by the fiery mutton fry from Andhra. While the chicken is mildly flavoured it comes with oodles of dry coconut paste and crisp roasted curry leaves that just go crunch in your mouth. The prawns too are spicy and crisp.

“The food is cooked in the traditional way. That’s why you will find the high spice level or the flavour of curry leaves and coconut,” say the people at Dhakshini.

Dhakshini also offers meals in the options of vegetarian, chicken, fish and mutton. The platter comes with puris or chappatis with one vegetarian or non vegetarian fry, on vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry and rice and curds and rasam and papad. The vegetarian meal includes a vegetable pulav.

As Dhakshini is famous for the Hyderabadi biryani, we blindly order that for the main course. This one comes with the spicy gravy and the chilled curd salad. The biryani is dum cooked. It is a perfect treat for a lazy afternoon.

Eating south Indian food always has to end with curd rice, so we opt for that perfectly served curd rice. It soothes the tummy and the palate.

There are plenty of desserts, including ice creams in varied flavours, but due to lack of space in the stomach we stick to small bowls of fruit salad. And seals a fiery but a satisfying meal.

Dhakshini is open from 11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. and between 6.30 p.m. and 11 p.m. It can be contacted on 25352244/25353344.





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