Chef J.P. Gelinas is the Chef From Hell, because he doesn’t mince words in his blog, which is on ‘American recipes and food commentary’. Now a professional Chef, he says food always played an important role in his life. “Before the Second World War, my Gran’ma Dufek was the personal chef for the Empress Zita of the Hapsburg royal family in Austria… As a result of the war, she ended up coming to live with my family in Fitchburg, a small town in Massachusetts. A lucky day for me!” Her most memorable words? “Listen to the food. It will talk to you. Be sure you finish the conversation!” Although Gelinas clearly always loved food he took the long and winding route to the kitchen. First, he tried to be a rock star.

When his rock and roll days looked like they were winding up, he started working as a dishwasher in a local restaurant. “Eventually, I graduated up to working as a lunch cook and then working the line during dinner service. After three years, I felt ready to open my own restaurant.” His refreshingly informed and opinionated blog tackles a range of issues. The current obsession with over hyped food. “If you’re cooking something, don’t act like you’re trying to redecorate your living room! Nowadays, I find many cooks “over-think” their ingredients and conceptualise their food to death.”

He also waxes eloquent on chain restaurants and their lack of “culinary imagination.” “Deep fried items on chain restaurant menus are pre-breaded and frozen; they’re just taken out of the freezer and tossed in the fryer per order… sauces come in pre-portioned bags… Come hungry, leave happy? I don’t think so.”

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