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Vedika is happy with her crisp role in ‘Baanam’

It was a pleasant surprise watching Vedika in Baanam. She’s back in Telugu cinema after a year and a half. Muni, her first film, was a dubbed one and she followed it up with Vijayadasami with Kalyanram.

Then, she got busy with Tamil and Kannada films before Baanam came her way. Vedika is a Kannadiga who was born and brought up in Mumbai; her grandparents hailed from the Maharashtra-Karnataka border, she says.

The actress idolised Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi as a child and participated in dramatics, gave performances on stage and showed enough inclination to become an artiste.

Since her friends never took her seriously when she said she wanted to be an actress, she would tell them she wanted to become a cardiac surgeon.

She studied in the UK for five years, completed Bachelors in Business Administration and did her masters in marketing before entering cinema.

She says, “My parents wanted me to complete my studies, get some international exposure and finally when I did, they felt the South was a better place to start my career. I really like the professional approach to films here and I’m glad I took the decision.”

Vedika is aware that her eyes are her biggest asset and recollects the adage that they are the windows to the soul. Baanam gave her an opportunity to emote with her eyes, she says. Despite it being a small role, she terms it as a challenging one.

She adds, “It was not meant to be a heroine-oriented film, I’m aware of that; but whatever little I could portray, it was a solid role of a coy lady who loses her family and is given shelter by Rohit.”

She watched the film in the theatre and is excited about the response. Vedika says, “People were clapping, whistling… and I heard it’s doing well in the multiplexes. I’m happy to be a part of a cinema that is different, refreshing and that which has been shot in a unique way.”





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