WATCH The new reality show Ultimate Shopper tests your shopping threshold

TLC has come up with a new reality show, Ultimate Shopper , which will be telecast on January 12 at 8 p.m. Its shopping is a competition, where four shoppers hunt down the perfect look to fit the brief given by the organisers.

Contestants will test their style creativity and quick-thinking fashion sense in a head-to-head contest judged by fashion experts including, pop singer and actress Holly Valance, fashionista Brix Smith-Start and street style photographer Paul Hartnett, along with a special guest judge, say the makers.

The contest has people from all walks of life — self-proclaimed fashionistas, students, yoga instructors, receptionist etc. participate in the show.

“They have to go all out to prove how much they know about dressing for the occasion and body type while letting their inner style diva shine. After each task is presented to the contestants, they have to shop for clothes, hurry around in heels and snatch hand bags off the shelves and each other before locking in their looks all in twenty minutes or less. Once the fitting room curtains are drawn, there is no turning back on their style choices, explain the makers.