FILM Kerala-based BRAM Films believes their music video for Temet Nosce has the power to bring about change

Acurious team of five creative artists exploring and experimenting with all visual media, BRAM Films is the coming together of Binny Manikoth, Rohit Ajithkumar, Aanal Kumar, Arjun Krishna and Manu Balakrishnan. The group is based out of Kerala and have several short films and experimental projects to their credit and matters crossed international boundaries when in the early months of 2012, Espen Olsen a cinematographer from Norway posted about a requirement inviting film makers from all over the world to create a music video for a the Norwegian band Temet Nosce.

Rohit says, “Temet Nosce and Espen Olsen had clear cut ideas of what kind of footage they wanted from the participants and most importantly we were supposed to bring out the essence of our country.” And as soon as BRAM Films got the green signal to go ahead with the project everything was professional, concepts and ideas were discussed and they swung into pre-production.

“Visuals were shot in Thrissur, Kochi and Bangalore. Since the requirement was clear and perfectly planned, shooting did not take much time. We were provided with the lyrics so that we could better understand the concept, we shot nature, people, local traffic and sent our visuals to them within a month,” says Rohit.

For Bram Films this was not merely a song or project, but a unique idea to bring about change, Rohit explains, “As the song says, ‘Change can only begin with yourself’, here we want to be the change. We can create a change through any medium, this music video was one of them and as it was released online, people around the globe will have to chance to watch the video and take their own time to think about it.”

The exposure that this project has given them has been immense and the boys recognise it and appreciate it. “This is our very first international collaboration, which means a lot for us. Working with other talented artists is an amazing experience, to share ideas and find the answers. Moreover, people have started to recognise us, and this has also helped us in getting more work from different parts of the world,” says Rohit.

Their future projects include another collaborative project with a team from South Africa. Also, two more of their films are currently in the pipeline scheduled to be released soon.


Change can only begin with yourself, here we want to be the change