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SHOPPING Plum Tree offers an eclectic and vibrant range of footwear, fashion and design accessories

FOOTWISEPracticality and comfort
FOOTWISEPracticality and comfort

Take a textile designer from Srishti with an undeniable fetish for shoes, a keen eye for detail and a fine sense of aesthetics and the result was Plum Tree – a design house that was started nine years ago by the enterprising Divya Sethuraman. Handcrafted and handmade, Plum Tree brings an eclectic and vibrant range of footwear, fashion and design accessories.

Divya learnt ari, incorporates it extensively in her designs, works with embroiders and shoemakers, doing her part to help them earn a livelihood and sustain a set of artisans. She also works with women in north Karnataka who take care of the soles and leather cutting for her and in her workshop she has embroiderers and cobblers, “No middlemen,” she says expressly.

Divya splits her time between India and Australia where she is settled. She vouches for the practicality and comfort of her shoes along with a top style element. “The uppers are backed with suede to make it easier on your feet and make the shoe more comfortable. And for my designs I go back to traditional motifs and crafts and give it a modern twist making it ideal for the contemporary woman,” she explains.

“And leather is an interesting material – it is definitely more difficult to work with and takes longer to get the work done but it is more challenging and the durability of leather is what interests me most about it.” The name of the store was suggested by a friend, “Plum Tree – it’s a Japanese name, and I thought it was a fun name for shoes and handbags,” she says blithely.

Like every other designer, Divya also follows fashion forecasts and makes a note of what is in vogue – printed leather, hand sewn leather, brogue shoes, ballet flats, sandals for summer – she has done them all. She now has a mother-daughter collection lined up which is extra special for her as she was assisted by her daughter on what works and what doesn’t. “Ice-cream cones, candy-canes, and cupcakes,” she says with a smile of the theme for this collection. Divya retails out of different stores in Bangalore but also showcases her collection online at With the product code and other details, clients can place orders online or they could get in touch with her to get their shoes customised according to their personal preferences and tastes.

For details call 23415014/ 9742073825. Divya Sethuraman can be contacted on





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