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SOARING SPIRIT Laksmikanth's electric feats have made it to the Limca Book of Records
SOARING SPIRIT Laksmikanth's electric feats have made it to the Limca Book of Records

He has a penchant for doing what we call dangerous

His parents nagged him for taking risks. His yoga centre sniffed at his stunts. Even a letter from The Limca Book of Records by Vijaya Ghose asks him why he is "going through this unnecessary agony"! Neither did M.V. Lakshmikanth feel intimidated nor was his spirits punctured. Instead, it only made him all the more determined to battle with electricity! Any old yoga practitioner can push a string or tube through one nostril and through the other. But to do likewise with a wire and light a bulb, run a water pump, ride a bike with the accelerator cables running into the nose and out of the mouth to connect to the carburettor! It was these electrifying feats that got Lakshmikanth into The Limca Book of Records as a one-time entry in 2005.

Record feat

For another record in the Limca Book, whose latest edition was released recently, Lakshmikanth passed 20 standard copper enamel wires through his nostrils and out of his mouth and operated a 745-watt water pump. He did this with 220 volts passing through his body!Twenty-eight year old Lakshmikanth, a trained electrical motor winder and a resident of Deepanjali Nagar (Mysore Road), used to be the neighbourhood hero. After learning yoga at the Adi Chunchunagiri Yoga Kendra in Vijayanagar to cope with a bothersome sinusitis, he hit upon the idea of combining yoga with his electrical pursuits. He stretched the sutranethi kriyas he practised to the limit, even swallowing six metres of narrow cloth and pulling it out!


His stunts led him to an obsession to get himself into record books. "I light a 200-watt bulb with the wires running through my nasal and throat passages with one end connected to the plug point and the other from my mouth to a bulb," says Lakshmikanth quite casually. "What really excited me for a one-time entry record was my 15-km bike ride with the accelerator cables running inside me that were connected to the carburettor. I am waiting to ride from Bangalore to Mysore for a Guinness record!" Lakshmikanth is a chowkidar in the Army at the ASC Supply Depot. Why is he interested in creating records with something so risky and, well, not really appealing? He insists it's worth the while. "It does involve a lot of brainwork. I spend sleepless nights thinking of the step-by-step procedure I have to follow in all my experiments. My latest trial is a test on my eyeball ruggedness and I succeeded in hanging a 1,200-gm helmet with a button clamped to the inside of the eye. I want to have novel tricks up my sleeve for record books. It's fun, believe me."And the occupational hazards? "My mother is always praying for my safety, I am sure God will help me."RANJANI GOVIND




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