The Munich Oktoberfest has come to Delhi. With traditional tents, food and beer flown in from Germany, this biggest public festival in the world is being celebrated at Café Uno in New Delhi's Shangri-La hotel. . With beer playing a central role in the fair, the special Paulaner `Oktoberfest' beer can be enjoyed here. The buffet at lunch and dinner is laid out with Oktoberfest specials like grilled zucchini with parmesan cheese, sauer kraut with kassler, beef gulash, sausages, semmel knoedeln and much more. The delicacies can be savoured between noon and 3.30 p.m., or during the evenings from 7 to 11 p.m. The live barbeque station at dinner serving four types of grilled German sausages is a must. A German band has been specially flown in from Munich for the festival. A flamboyant semi-permanent tent is set on the lawns of the hotel, with beer being served on the accompanying tables. There are stalls especially set up for children's activities. The waitresses dressed in traditional pretty frocks and the servers with their trousers attached to suspenders, create a fine German flavour. To please your sweet tooth, apfel compotte, peach jalousine, Bayrische crème and pear strudel are available. With an expat chef adding a personal touch, visitors are seen cheerfully consuming large quantities of food. So, be all set to savour the flavours of Munich!This fest is on till this Sunday.