‘The Blue Mug' is as much about the shadows and the choreography as it is about the acting and dialogues. Spanning 90 minutes, the play consists of two parts that interweave spotlights, shadows, monologues, dialogues, blackboards and sheer brilliance. If one part is all about the vivid memories of Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak and company, the other part is all about Ranvir Shorey's lack of memory. With the cast reminiscing about their childhood, the seemingly innocuous and unconnected situations gradually intertwine to create a spectacular pattern that is abstract yet vividly defined. Poignant, reflective, melancholic and downright hilarious in equal measure, ‘The Blue Mug' is a work of art brought together by performers par excellence who take the audience along on their journey. A metaphor for memories, the play will certainly leave you reminiscing.

Amrith. R

Boat Club Road