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EATING OUT Sample portions of meat cooked on Hot Stone at the Raj Pavilion at ITC Windsor

Healthy and tastyTenderloin is heavenly, soft and light on the stomach
Healthy and tastyTenderloin is heavenly, soft and light on the stomach

When a hot, scalding piece of rock, heated to almost 500 degree celsius is the first thing that makes it to the dinner table, you may be a little worried, till you realise that the piece of rock would be responsible for dishing out the delicacies that night. Welcome to the world of stone grill cooking, which is part of the Hot Stone experience at the ITC Windsor.

Chef Joshi says, “The stones are preheated. Once a customer makes an order, we serve raw meat on the stone. You need to keep the meat on the stone for about two to three minutes to let it cook well. You can also take an assortment of sauces and dips alongside.”

We decided to start with the immensely popular steak. The meal starts with a portion of an Hungarian meat soup, which is peppered with soft meat pieces and an assortment of vegetables. The hot rock is the next to arrive, sizzling hot. A portion of cut vegetables and mashed potatoes is also served in a plate. As I nibble on the vegetables, a piece of raw tenderloin is placed on the rock, which crackles. The chef says, “You must allow it to cook for sometime, before changing the sides to ensure that the other side is cooked well also. It tastes best when it is well done. It is a healthy food option as it does not involve meat being fried or marinated. It lets you enjoy the actual taste of the meat.”

The well done tenderloin tastes heavenly, soft and light on the stomach. We add the peri peri rub that provides a distinct flavour to the preparation.

If you thought that sea food preparations could not be adapted to hot rock cooking, you would be mistaken. The portions of the Kerala tiger prawns and the Norwegian salmon are excellent. “You need to be a little more careful when you are cooking seafood portions on the hot rock. You can take the help of the assistants to cook the meat for you.”

The salmon brings a slightly smoky aftertaste, while the prawns taste great with portions of the sweet sour herb better sauce.

A night of healthy eating is capped up with the superb chocolate mousse.





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