Beef Undercut-100 gm

Chinese cabbage-25 gm

Carrot 10-gm

Chopped garlic-10 gm

Sliced Button mushroom-20 gm

Onions chopped- 1 cup

Roasted thin semiya

- 10 gm

Black pepper powder-1 tbsp

Salt as required

Red wine-5 tbsp

Butter-5 tbsp

Boiled potatos-2

Egg for Coating

Baby carrot-1



Boil the beef undercut with mushroom, black pepper, bay leaves, red wine and salt in a closed cooking vessel. Once cooked sprinkle salt and pepper powder and coat it with egg .Encrust it with roasted semiya. Deep fry. Keep the remaining sauce in the vessel as accompaniment

For cabbage cake

Heat butter; add chopped onions and sauté well till brown. Add chopped garlic, Chinese cabbage, diced carrot and sliced mushrooms. Cook for 10 minutes on slow fire. Add mashed potato to the above and season with black pepper powder and salt. Blanch baby carrot and sauté with butter along with leeks. Keep aside as accompaniment

Plate with the cabbage cake. Place the beef in the side accompaniments as garnish with red wine sauce.