Scaling heights

BOOKThe biography of Autar Singh Cheema traces the life of the unsung hero

Autar Singh Cheema realised his mountaineering dream on May 20, 1965 by becoming the first Indian to reach the summit of Mount Everest (Tenzing Norgay was a Nepali citizen when he reached the summit with Sir Edmund Hillary. He later accepted honorary Indian citizenship).

On the 46th anniversary of Autar Cheema's feat recently, Hay House India released a book on the little known hero who died in 1989. More than Everest: The Extraordinary Life of Autar Singh Cheemahas been written by Harish Dhillon on the request of Cheema's wife, Ajindar.

Autar Cheema was a captain when he was sent on an Army expedition to Everest.

He later became a colonel.

A paratrooper, Cheema was born in Rajasthan. His wife (based in Ludhiana) says that despite hailing from “the desert sands of Ganganagar”, he achieved great heights, literally and metaphorically, and he always took this as a metaphor for every human's potential to succeed.


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