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People Raghu Ram shares his thoughts on ‘Roadies’

He is popularly known as the rudest man on television. For most part you’d think he likes being called that. Raghu Ram is heading to Hyderabad for the auditions of the 10th season of the infamous reality show, MTV Roadies , and this time it’s not hell down under, but a battle for glory.

This is the second year in a row that Roadies is in Hyderabad; the first time was way back in season 3. The audition shows preceding the airing of the actual Roadies show are rather popular with the Gen Y populace of telly watchers. “I can’t predict if the audition is going to be ‘dhamakedaar’ but it will be fun to see what the city has in store for us,” says Raghu.

The fresh season of Roadies is rather different. You’ll see Rannvijay and Raghu battle it out. This time there are two teams, the new Roadies selected will be on Rannvijay’s team while Raghu will have a team of ex-Roadies who have had an interesting journey on the show. There will finally be a face-off between Raghu and Rannvijay. “I’ll be watching what kind of people get taken onto Rannvijay’s team,” adds Raghu. With a variety of blogs and websites dedicated to answer: “How do you become a Roadie?”, it’s evident that Roadies is immensely popular. So how about we hear the answers from the horse’s mouth? “There is some science to it; but mostly it’s a gut feeling. We look for somebody interesting, someone who stands out in a crowd and most importantly someone who’ll keep the show going,” says Raghu.

After 10 years of Roadies , does he want to stop and take a breather? “We feel like we’ve had enough each year but we go on,” he says. “When we are making the show, it’s miserable, exhausting and very demanding of my life and family. I can’t do anything else and I get to sleep for just two hours in a day, but when it goes on air, it gives me a great creative kick.” Raghu has acted in films, written and sung songs but he claims that it’s Roadies that truly excites him. When he left MTV to look for better things, they called him back asked him if he had enough. Raghu simply said, “Yeah man, I don’t mind coming back now.” Raghu says that accomplishing a character and being someone else was fun while it lasted, but Roadies is where he’s always at. That’s not all, the mean man has turned author too. Raghu is writing a book that will reveal the behind-the-scenes of the show. Paired with Raghu’s experience in the show will be relevant flashbacks from his childhood. He is hoping to release the book next year.


What: Auditions for MTV Roadies

Where: Shilpa Kala Vedika

When: 9 a.m. onwards

Contact: 9505129309

When we are making the show, it’s miserable, exhausting. But when it goes on air, it gives

me a great creative kick




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