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Bits and pieces from the reporters’ diary that didn’t make it to the main stories

Some promotion this!

Promoters of tourism in South Australia probably had no clue what they were in for when they organised the premiere of “Love Story 2050” at Sathyam Cinemas recently. They proudly announced that not only was the first half of the film shot entirely in Australia, the visual effects in the second half were done by South Australian technicians and gave away free “Love Story 2050” T-shirts to all invitees. Poor people! If only they knew what the film would end up looking like.

Happy tunes

Nursery rhymes do that to people! At the recent Sing Along show, even adults turned kids for a while.

The familiar tunes helped most travel back in time, and some peppy numbers had them shaking never-before-exercised muscles. At first, they did so hesitantly. Soon, even they could not escape the infectious revelry, and jived on, as if the years had suddenly melted away! Myself included!

JWT who?

Journalists get so used to using abbreviations they tend to forget that the rest of the world doesn’t always understand what they are talking about. For example, a reporter recently told her friend that she had an afternoon meeting with JWT. (Standing for J Walter Thompson, an advertising company.) So, she got really confused when her friend’s eyes lit up, as she asked, “Oooh. Lunch with JWT? So, is he cute?”

Habits die hard

Scribbling down notes rapidly during various events is an integral part of being a reporter. But this reporter recently realised how deeply ingrained the note-taking impulse had become when she attended the graduation ceremony of a friend and found herself reaching for the trusty notepad and pen when the speeches began. It took her a couple of seconds to remember that for once, she didn’t have pay attention, and that she could sit back and drift off into dreamland just like the rest of the audience. Ah, joy! (Contributed by Sudhish Kamath, Subha J Rao, Shonali Muthalaly and Divya Kumar)




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