Road rage

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Senorita Das talks about the need to follow road safety norms

Roads in our country have proven to be as life threatening as a terror attack, communal riots, natural disasters or even pandemics like swine flu. Road accidents account for a huge number of mortalities every year.

Most of these deaths are a result of poor maintenance of roads, with the numerous potholes being responsible for many a mishap. Improper illumination and absence of speed breakers in front of public places are also major causes for many accidents.

Moreover, traffic signals, that are the key for safe traffic movement is also badly managed. This results in a great deal of confusion and chaos.

The responsibility to drive safe also depends on the people. Many of us just prefer to race on the road with no consideration for the rest of the traffic and pedestrians. The public buses and autos are one of the primary culprits behind many accidents.

Most of the accidents can be avoided with improved road safety management and accident relief services.

The traffic department should also initiate public awareness programmes to wipe out corruption among the traffic police and the license providers. Safe driving is a social responsibility. As members of this civilised society, we must join hands to ensure that unsafe roads do not become another cause for terror.

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