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Interesting India offers plenty of options
Interesting India offers plenty of options

Eric Soubeiran feels that the vibrant Indian ethos holds a magnetic charm

Eric Soubeiran, Business Managing director, Rexam Pharma came to Bangalore three years ago from France and has been fascinated by the energy and vibrancy that the country and the city offers. “It has been an amazing experience. India is a young country and the benefits of liberalisation and the opening up of the economy are being seen. It is gradually reaching all sections of society. In spite of recession, India has registered growth in all economic parameters, which is impressive. I also like the superb weather that Bangalore provides.”

He feels, “I come from France, which is more formal than India. I like the work culture here, which is very different from Europe. I also like the fact that people like to spendtime with their families , unlike most of Europe, which is highly individualistic.”

Eric likes travelling and has toured India extensively.

He quips: “I have been to Kerala, Tripura, Rajastan, Manipur and many other places. I am quite amazed by the changes in landscape, culture, food habits etc. The diversities India offers makes it much more beautiful and interesting.”

Eric has been awed by the development in Bangalore over the past couple of years, but feels that the government must step in to sort out infrastructure problems.

“I feel that even as the city grows at an exponential pace, infrastructure has been ignored. The traffic jams, problem of broken roads and the electricity crisis must be resolved soon, if Bangalore must make a mark as a world city.” He states: “I have been in the city for three years and can feel the transformation. It is necessary that the government takes some action, before the facilities collapse.”

Eric is also a great fan of Indian food. “I love palak paneer, black dal, tandoori items and Punjabi food a lotI have tried my hand at cooking some Indian food. I can make rotis and am also able to whip up some dals occasionally.”

His India assignment happened quite by chance. Eric, unlike many others did not read up or ask other people about the country.

“I feel that if you come into any country/place with a lot of expectations, you may not like it much. You must come with an open mind, that will help you enjoy more,” he feels.





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