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Chat Guinness World Records adjudicator Elizabeth Smith draws her inspiration from the ‘go-getter' spirit of performers across the globe

S he has a smile that can light up a room. Guinness World Records adjudicator Elizabeth Smith was in the country recently to record, validate and recognise a world record.

Elizabeth at 5-ft-10-inches is hard to miss and is popular at least with those who watch the reality show ‘Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega' on Colours channel. She has appeared in four of the episodes.

“I'm loving it”, she says about her year-long association with the Guinness World Record. “It is as exciting as challenging. Visiting amazing places and meeting people can be quite exhilarating,” says the globe-trotter. “My first assignment was in Spain where I was confronted with a 30,000-strong crowd. It gives me a thrill to watch people performing outstanding feats. But not all experiences are happy ones.

Besides the visual treats, entertaining and awe-inspiring ones, there are the bizarre, daunting acts that can disturb your mind. It does affect me at times. I am a human being too,” she says.

She was present to record breathtaking record attempts such as who could sing for the longest time upside down among others. There is an element of high risk involved in the job.

“There was this act with fire balls. Suddenly one of the fireballs drifted from its target and came flying towards me. I was aghast and the next moment I was running as fast as I could. Believe me, until that day, I had no idea that I was such a good runner,” she chuckles.

At 23, Elizabeth is happy to have achieved what many at her age have failed to.

She studied in Argentina and is fluent in Spanish and Italian besides English. “It's my first job after completing my Masters,” she says.

She has also starred in U.K. shows ‘Touch of Frost' and ‘Emmerdale', and worked on Argentina's ‘Big Brother'.

Despite success in her acting career, Elizabeth continued to look for a greater challenge, one in which she could use her language skills. “When I heard about the post at Guinness World Records I immediately applied and I am happy doing what I've always longed to do — meet and interact with people across the globe,” she says with her trademark smile.


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