“K olar Gold Fields – Down Memory Lane” undertakes a nostalgic journey of almost 150 years, beginning with the historical and mythological origins of the Kolar Gold Mines. The book focuses on the progress through the years under the John Taylor and Sons Company, the gradual decline, and final closure of the once prosperous Kolar Gold Mining Company, in 2003.

Authored by Bridget White-Kumar, born into an Anglo-Indian family, who lived in KGF for many generations, the book recalls the cosmopolitan life led by the tiny vibrant Anglo-Indian Community in the early days of KGF. It also focuses on the author's childhood memories of growing up in KGF in the 1950s and 60s.

Kolar Gold Fields was well known for its colonial ambience and was called ‘Little England' due to its British and Anglo-Indian population. It was one of India's earliest industrialized towns and was unique for its secular and egalitarian society. The book succeeds in capturing and preserving the ethos and nuances of a bygone era. The book is available online at Author House UK Ltd, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Water Stone, Xulon, Tesco etc. The book is also available on Kindle.

For copies of this book contact Bridget Kumar Email: bridgetkumar@yahoo.com or call 9845571254, 9844044236. You could also visit http://memoriesofkgf.blogspot.com / http://anglo-indianrecipes. blogspot.com

You could also contact John White in Chennai (Email: mpjohnwhite@yahoo.co.in) or call 9941841157, 44 25595008. The book is also available at Gangarams Book Bureau.