FOOD STATION A simple dish with enticing flavours that Thai cuisine is known for

This dish won’t take much of your time if the ingredients are at hand. A vegetarian dish, it is simple to cook and has all the amazing flavours, of kafir lime leaves and basil, that Thai cuisine is known for worldwide.

Tua fak yow pad prik geang


Oil: 20 cc.

Red curry paste: 80 gms

Coconut milk: 50 cc.

Soya sauce: 20 cc.

Palm sugar: 20 gms

Kaffir lime leaves: 5 gms

Sweet basil leaves: 10 gms

Long red chilli: 10 gms

Tofu (deep fried): 120 gms

Long bean: 50 gms


Deep fry the tofu first. Put oil and the red curry paste in the pan and cook. Add long beans, kafir lime leaves and sweet basil leaf, soya sauce, coconut milk and continue to cook over low heat.

Add the tofu and cook for a further four to five minutes. Garnish it with red chillies.