In Focus Sharat Katariya’s directorial debut, 10ml Love, is a contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and aims to bring out the troubles that lace relationships

“Idon’t think it’s a story known to many people in this country. For those who know, I guess they can revisit it, just like how I did,” says Sharat Katariya when asked about his directorial debut, 10ml Love which is based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream .

The film is about one wedding and three couples. This of course is sprinkled with lust, desire and a drop of a magic potion — one that makes your fall in love. Sharat Katariya, screenwriter-turned-director talks about how he first saw the play adapted by Habib Tanvir as Basant Ritu ka Sapna. “I watched it during college and I forgot about it. Years later, I wrote a script that had two elements: comedy and a drug that solves relationship troubles. I revisited the actual play and I knew I had to mould my story around Shakespeare’s play,” says Sharat.

It’s interesting how writing this script landed Sharat a job of writing dialogues for the acclaimed comedy, Bheja Fry and how then, because of those dialogues, he got to direct this film. A puzzling tale, 10ml Love , with an element of fantasy, however wraps around the contemporary scenario without trouble. The director has tried to infuse the element of fantasy to ‘slice of life’ narratives. “I thought it best to make the characters as real as possible and pick up elements and people from our own life and then throw in this fantastical element of a magic potion, so that you ease into believing it — to make the idea probable,” he says.

Casting too, was an exciting process, shares Sharat. Rajat Kapoor plays Ghalib, a desi character and also the ‘Puck’ of this story. Tisca Chopra of Taare Zameen Par fame enacts as his wife. Purab Kohli, Neil Bhoopalam, Koeli Puri and Tara Sharma play the lovers stuck in a ‘love quadrangle’ of sorts.

Sharat confesses that characters and actors were put through last minute changes, but now that the film has wrapped up, ‘it all looks good,” says a confident Sharat who has two more scripts waiting to be directed but is afraid that marketing might turn out to be a ‘monster’. “I am afraid that subtleties don’t exist in the marketing of your films. You need to scream and shout to get your film noticed,” he says.

Sharat has spent over 11 years writing scripts and dialogues in the industry and he is finally hopeful of getting his share of the pie. 10ml Love is set to release in all major cities on December 7 through PVR’s Director’s Rare Initiative.


I am afraid that subtleties don’t exist in the marketing of your films. You need to scream and shout to get your film noticed