Ready to face the Sun?

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Experience A garden fresh facial and an eisberry pedicure and manicure leave you ready to face a sunny day

beat the heatWith a massage filled with the goodness of vegetables and fruits
beat the heatWith a massage filled with the goodness of vegetables and fruits

After a brief spell of rain, the Sun is out and the time seems right to check out Green Trends’ Summer Chillers, a range of facials and feet and hand treatments for men and women. Therapist Sheela is on hand at the Race Course salon to treat me to the 90-minute-long Garden Fresh facial, said to leave even dull skin glowing.

She dabs wet wipes on my face before starting her ministrations. A fab-smelling cleansing routine later, she applies a derma polish serum and gives me a light massage using the veg peel scrub. By this time, I am in a happy land free of worries. I wake up when black and white heads are gently removed. It’s soon time for the radiance cream.

A galvanic massager springs into action to coax in the cream using a mild whirring motion. As the roller works its magic, there’s a mild metallic taste, which, apparently, is expected. However, the galvanic massager is not for those who have metal tooth fillings or any embedded metal in the face area. Opt for the ultrasonic or hand massage instead. This part of the regimen is to add polish to your skin.

Sheela then applies a heavy peel-off mask that is said to tighten the skin, remove sag lines and smoothen wrinkles. Twenty minutes later, a serum is applied, topped by sun screen to retain moisture on my newly soft face!

Tip: Don’t wash your face with soap or face wash for 12 hours after a facial. You’ll be undoing all the goodness of the facial.

Berry blast

The potent cocktail of raspberries, strawberries, mulberries and blueberries serenades you even as you sit down for the eisberry manicure and pedicure. They promise to leave your feet and hands smooth as a baby’s, well almost.

Sheela knows her job. And, even better, she knows not to raise an eyebrow on seeing not-so-well-maintained feet. Once the nail polish is removed, she applies a cuticle cream and soaks the feet in warm water enriched with eisberry cleansing soak. Then, she rhythmically brushes the feet and nails. It is time for the feet to be treated with bright purple eisberry salt, enriched with aroma oils and menthol. There’s a mild tingling as she starts off with a rotation massage. Soon, there are patches of purple on the feet. “That, Maam, is where you are tanned the most,” says Sheela. She massages some more to coax the tan out of the skin and returns the feet to the warm soak. A round with the dry scraper, and the feet are all ready for their date with the eisberry massage cream, said to soften the skin and make it glow. The therapist kneads away at stubborn knots in the muscles and when she is through, you feet are grateful.

Next up is the eisberry pack, a divine-smelling mix of the many berries. Ten minutes later, she rubs my feet on a towel and gets ready to apply a coat of nail polish. A similar decadent treatment awaits the hands. At the end of an hour, your feet and hands look and feel a lot better.

The facial costs Rs. 1,500 and the manicure-pedicure combo costs Rs. 775 (taxes extra). The other facials available are Fine Wine and Pro-Lacto. Green Trends is at Sathy Road, Papanaickenpalayam, R.S. Puram, Race Course, Saibaba Colony, Thudiyalur and Vadavalli. For details, visit





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