Reaching for the skies

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Read on to know about the other side of actress-director Revathy

From a stubborn wife in Mouna Raagamto a docile wife in Thevar Magan to a mentally challenged girl in Killukam, Revathy has played a range of characters. Now, it's the role of a daredevil in real life that gives her an adrenalin rush. Fired by the spirit of adventure, she attempted solo static line jump at the Sulur Air Force Station in Coimbatore, recently. She jumped off an MI 8 helicopter from a height of 4,000 feet on a `Ram Air' parachute. She says, "Being an Army officer's daughter, the streaks of adventure were there. But skydiving is something I never thought I would do even in my wildest dreams." It was the para jump by the Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal S. P. Tyagi when he was 60 that inspired her to approach Air Force Adventure to get trained in sport parachuting.Rallying in the Himalayas and racing on the Sriperumbudur track were not enough. It was only the feeling of flying like a bird that could satisfy the daredevil in her. "It was an amazing experience. Up there in the sky, I just put my hands up and totally shut myself, relaxed and enjoyed the breeze. There was absolute silence and everything was crystal clear, the scenery, the greenery and I could even hear the flutter of birds," she says.Getting back to her career, Revathy says she wants to stop doing character artiste roles. "I'm working on my new script in Hindi and hopefully shooting should begin this April. Right now, there is space to showcase films that do not have a commercial format. I want to utilise that and make films I believe in." In Mitr: My Friend, her National Award-winning debut as director, she looked into the pages of a neglected housewife with sensitivity. In Phir Milenge, it was another sensitive subject - AIDS. "I don't want to have an agenda. It could be issues, relationships... it all depends on what I feel like doing at that particular moment." She says the current trend in films is quite encouraging. "You have films to suit everyone's tastes. All kinds of films co-exist - for youth, parents and the man on the street. Along with formulaic films, there are amazing films such as Kaakha Kaakha and Thavamaai Thavamirundhu. People have loved the recent Kanda Naal Mudhal. With multiplexes happening in a big way, there are more choices. Each one has space to make films for a particular audience," she adds.What roles excite the actor in her? "It's difficult to tell. When I listen to the script, the character should touch me. The feel you get when you listen to the character matters. The film should also be interesting. I've enjoyed all my roles though some didn't live up to my expectations."Looking back at her career, she says one role that is special is her debut as a village belle in Manvaasanai. "Every time I watch it I say `wow'. I didn't know what I was doing and there is so much innocence. I don't think I'll be ever able to repeat it. Now, I am more and more critical about my performance, which is good." Though she is keen on pursuing adventure, she wants to take it step by step and whenever there is time. She has a word of caution for those civilians interested in adventure. "An element of risk is always there. So, choose the right people. Because training and the condition of the equipment used are important."K.JESHI




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