Raging 'n' roaring to go

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Vehicles ferrying employees to and from work are a law unto themselves on the road observes Usha S

Many years ago, there were buses for factory employees. Apart from the state run buses these were exclusive road kings. Usually these buses were painted blue and were easily identifiable even from a distance. Though the buses looked majestic, the driving left a lot to be desired. The drivers of these buses were rash would not take it too well if any other vehicle overtook them. In the Nineties, hired private transport company buses replaced these buses. But the driving standards hardly improved. And now there are the smaller pick up vans. These vehicles maybe smaller in size but are huge on road rage. They dominate the roads in the software belts like Hosur Road, Bannerghatta Road, Whitefield, and Koramangala. They drive late at night at breakneck speed and honk loudly. Even in sleepy residential areas, we can hear their shrill horns at odd hours. Those who are in the habit of taking an early morning walk, have to be doubly careful about these menaces.The warnings and the telephone number one is supposed to call in case of negligent driving has not helped in the least. The latest to add to these traffic woes are the Maruti vans that carry school children. They are not the regular yellow school vehicles but privately hired ones, perhaps replacing the autos. These vehicles too zoom around dangerously with their hooting horns.The drivers of these vehicles who carry thousands of people every day should keep in their mind that it is not only their life that is in danger but also the future of the commuters, their families, and pedestrians. Do you have anything to say? About the state of the world, the city, your angst? Pen it stylishly and you might get it published. And dash off your piece with your photograph. Email it to in or post it to MetroPlus, The Hindu, 19 & 21, Bhagwan Mahaveer Road (Infantry Road), Bangalore 1.




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