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Spewing fireOne of the active volcanoes in'The Pacific Ring of Fire'
Spewing fireOne of the active volcanoes in'The Pacific Ring of Fire'


1. Name the area in the Pacific Ocean where 90 per cent of the world's earthquakes occur.

2. Name the 810 mile long continental transform fault that runs through California in the USA.

3. Name the Indonesian volcano whose explosion in 1883 is considered the loudest sound ever heard in modern history.

4. Name the Icelandic volcano whose eruption in 2010 led to the cancellation of about 95,000 flights across Europe during the six-day travel ban.

5. Name the Hawaiian volcano which is the largest on earth in terms of volume and area covered.


1. Pacific Ring of Fire

2. San Andreas Fault

3. Krakatoa

4. Eyjafjallajökull

5. Mauna Loa

Answer to Last Column's Question: “Sachin Tendulkar”. Winner Lakshya Sukhwal will receive a gift voucher by courier.

Question for the next fortnight: Name the Italian volcano whose eruption in 79 AD led to the destruction of the city of Pompeii.

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