If you visit Kuala Lumpur, don't forget to taste authentic Malay food at the popular Madame Kwan's

* C. Karthick (addldgav_chennai@dataone.in), a student wants south Indian veg breakfast, lunch and dinner to be home delivered at Kottur daily. Ph: 26373873.* Uma Sundararaman from Kottur Gardens wants the contact number of those who perfectly seal pickle bottles to be carried abroad safely. Ph: 24475606/ 24475757 or mail dcplindia@gmail.com * Saroja Muthusubramanian (gazal4846@sify.com) has a relative in Assam who wants an elderly Madhwa/ Tamil woman (may be in her fifties). She should be either single or with no family responsibilities and good in cooking to help run a proposed south Indian mess. Decent salary and accommodation assured.* Rajam Krishnan (AD-82, Annanagar) wants to know one or two recipes using vellara keerai, which she could not manage to cook in spite of boiling the keerai in water for a long time. Ph: 26211393.* Jayanthi Somasundaram's (hijayanthi@yahoo.com) 13-year-old niece has come down from the U.S. for her vacation. She wants to know about cooking, baking or vegetable carving classes for children. * Madhavan (readyy03@yahoo.com) wants to know where he could get clean ice cubes or tube ice for his juice shop. Presently, he gets block ice, which he feels is not hygienic and suitable for consumption.* Lata wants to know about wholesale suppliers of different varieties of potato chips. Ph: 24716490.Dial 32511133 or mail us at Good Food Line, Metro Plus, The Hindu, Kasturi
Buildings, 859/860, Anna Salai,
Chennai - 600002 or e-mail to allmypets@sify.com