*Kannan (m.kannan@ap.csplc.com) from Bedetail sant Nagar is a pure vegetarian (trying to be a Vegan too) who has stopped consuming silvercoated sweetmeats (varakh).He would like to know if there any vegetarian varakh available and if so how can one distinguish it from the nonveg varakh. Though sweets at established shops carry the `green-dot', a statutory mark to be displayed on all packets of food items under the PFA Act, yet one is not sure about varakh-coated sweets. (If you observe Varakh under a microscope, you might see traces of blood, stools and saliva of cattle. Varakh is a silver foil but to prepare this, parts of the cattle/ox are used. The process makes use of intestines of cattle or ox that are obtained from the slaughterhouse. * Dhanashekaran lives in Guindy (near the P.V. Kalyana Mandapam , Madunvankari) and wants South Indian veg and non veg lunch and dinner for five persons home delivered everyday. Ph: 98407 14791. * Geeta from Marshalls Road, Egmore wants one diabetic and one regular lunch (north or south Ind Indian) everyday. Ph. 28553963.Dial 22462710 or mail us at Good Food Line, Metro Plus, The Hindu, Kasturi Buildings, 859/860, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002 or e-mail to gfl@rashmiudaysingh.com