FASHION Neha Goel, a formally trained jewellery designer, speaks of her creative technique. She is showcasing her work at the Lakme Fashion Week

The first thing that I notice are her earrings — silvery hoops in a floral pattern, sprinkled with pale brilliants that sparkle in the fading evening light. Classy, unique and very beautiful. “Where did you get those from?” I ask her. She laughs and says that the piece is one of her own creation, “I only wear my pieces,” she admits, adding that, “Jewellery always attracts the eye. It makes a wearer look complete.”

Meet Neha Goel, all of 25, founder of the jewellery brand Nepra who is showcasing her latest collection Princess Vanity at the Lakme Fashion Week Festive/Winter 2013. “I feel that every girl should be treated like a princess and this is what my collection is about,” she says.

Neha, who has done her formal training from Singem, Kolkata and the Gemmological Institute of America, Carlsbard says that she has always had a creative streak: “I grew up in Calcutta. After I graduated from school, all my friends took up professional courses but I realised it was not my forte. I love designing, creating new things with a pencil and paper and I knew that jewellery designing was what I wanted to do. I learnt about gemstones, styling, even bench techniques and went on to establish my own brand in Bangalore one and a half years ago.”

She draws inspiration from everything around here, “My designs come from day to day life. I travel a lot and create pieces from anything that catches my eye,” she says adding that she uses an eclectic range of metals and varicoloured stones in all her jewellery, “The main thing in my work is the different types of technique. I try to blend colours and metals. My designs are both traditional and contemporary and I like creating things which go with every outfit you wear. The same piece can be worn with both Western and Indian outfits,” she says.

One trend that she bemoans is the Indian habit of having to match jewellery, “This matching concept needs to be changed,” she says. “You shouldn’t be wearing matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets all together — you end up in a mess. Wear just one stunning piece, a pair of nice earring with a sari or dress and a bare neck is perfect. I personally do not make sets unless a client specially asks for it.”

While she does have celebrities as her clients and hopes to get more, she says that, “My target audience is for not just the glamorous girls in the industry but for the ordinary girl who wants to look glamorous. My pieces all have that wow factor — if a client wears it I know people will ask her where she got it from,” she says.


You shouldn’t be wearing matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets all together — you end up in a mess