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Launch The online portal Pets Are People Too stresses the importance of treating animals with respect

Ishmeet Chandiok, founder of Pets Are People Too, an online portal for your pet needs, has three raging passions — bikes, dogs and food.

“I have always had a passion for food and cooking. I would religiously work in the kitchens of my uncle’s restaurant after college and during holidays. I then decided to study in a premier Hotel Management college in Mumbai. Food has been a driving force in my life,” he says.

Bikes and dogs are his other besetting passions. He adopted a two-month-old stray dog and named him ‘Harley’.

His pet prompted him to start Harley’s Corner, a gourmet dog food brand. “Being a caring pet parent, I offered the best of the available conventional food to Harley, however, Harley’s lack of enthusiasm for that food made me use my cooking skills to prepare various dishes for him.” He responded very well to the home-cooked food, and when Chandiok shared that diet with other dog owners, the feedback was encouraging.

Food for thought

“Months of research on canine nourishment, discussions with vets and pet food distributors and pet owners made me realise there was a huge gap in the market for home-cooked pet food. It was then that I decided to launch Harley’s Corner and what started as a home experiment has transformed into a business that has gourmet menu.”

Ishmeet also initiated the drive Pets Are People Too (PAPT). PAPT works towards inducing basic empathy for animals in all human beings, encourages people to adopt strays, offers basic pet care and nutrition advice, lists out tips on how to help an animal in distress and also offers insights into animal welfare laws of the country.

But how does he work in an atmosphere that is often decidedly unfriendly towards animals?

“It is definitely a challenge — the fact that such an initiative is being started, sadly points to the lack of civic responsibilities within the society,” he says.

“I have faced jibes and snide remarks when I showed love and care towards an animal; but those only made me stronger and more determined to carry on. Knowledge, and more importantly, the sharing of such knowledge, is something I feel will liberate the common man to understanding the importance of treating animals with respect. This is the route Pets Are People Too takes to create change.”


It is definitely a challenge working

in an atmosphere that is often decidedly unfriendly towards animals; the fact that such an initiative is being started points

to the lack of civic responsibilities within the society




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