Tree Walk will conduct a ‘Free The Trees walk’ at 5 p.m. from Secretariat Gate, opposite Cantonment Police Station, on September 20. This Walk is in support of a study conducted by Tree Walk that observed how many of the trees opposite the Press Club are harmed by thoughtless measures.

The FreeThe Trees walk will highlight how tree guards that cut into the bark and trunk of trees affect the growth of the tree and result in abnormal patterns of branching and curving of the tree itself. This may later lead to the tree becoming a danger to traffic and people. It will also highlight how the burning of waste near the trees harm the roots.

Signage and advertisements that are often nailed to the tree trunks or tied with metal wires make the tree vulnerable to infestation by insects and other organisms that eventually affect the health of the tree. Contact 9447078113 for further details.