Think fulfilling your heart’s desire and ensuring a full wallet at the same time is impossible? Think again. DIVYA THIAGARAJAN speaks to five youngsters who turned their hobbies into viable vocations!

There are two phrases that most of us have said and heard others say time and again — “ I've absolutely no time!”  and  “I’m broke!” Along the way we tend to let go of our hobbies one by one. We loved them once upon a time but somehow don’t find time

to pursue them anymore. Only because we’ve got busy with our jobs and academic schedules. But a few youngsters have managed to pursue their passion and even turn them into profitable ventures.

Here are a few youngsters who are likely to inspire you to revive your interest in your long-lost hobbies and find a solution to your permanent state of bankruptcy!

Kathleen Peiries, 22

II M.A. Fine Arts (Textile Designing)

Stella Maris College


Hobbies turned vocation:  Bridal bouquets, flower baskets and bouquets for flower girls, floral archways, jewellery and bag making.

How do you make time?  It’s not like I make things every time or every day, it’s occasional. I work after I’m done with college in the afternoons and during weekends. I have holidays in the May and December, that’s when there are lots of weddings happening.

Why do you do this?  It’s not always just about studying. This is how I found my own way of making money. There is no need for me to go to a firm to work. I can be at home and have fun at the same time. I use this money for the photocopies, to buy all the material needed for projects. I don’t have to ask my parents all the time.

How much cash do you make?  For weddings I make around Rs. 6,000 to 7,000 and bags and jewellery worth Rs. 4,000 a month.

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Rohan Thomas, 27

Sales Officer

Jet Airways


Hobby turned vocation:  Baking cakes

How do you make time?  It’s actually pretty simple! I enjoy baking and it makes me happy when I see people enjoy my cake. For me, this is stress buster. Work is hectic but I somehow manage to make time for this, I’m up till about one or two o’ clock early morning.

Why do you do this?  I grew up seeing my grandmom bake. She used to make them in different shapes and sizes like I wanted Humpty Dumpty, Superman, boat and houses. The first cake I tried out was the Fruit Cake and now I bake a lot more. I also experiment with my own recipes.

How much cash do you make?  I bake around five cakes every day, so in a month if I get orders for around 25 to 30 cakes then I would make somewhere from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.12,000

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The Cake Boutique

Amelia Nirmal

Research Analyst

Crisil Limited


Andrea Nirmal

M. Sc. Applied Psychology

Pondicherry University


Dorathy Emmanuel

Software Engineer

Verizon Data Services India Pvt. Ltd.


Hobby turned vocation:  Baking cakes and cookies

How do you make time?  We use our weekends and work into late nights and sometimes even early morning. We also stay-over at each other’s homes to finish.

Why do you do this?  We all love cakes and we figured that others do too. Experimenting was what got us started. It’s a lot of fun because we all do it together.

How much cash do you make?  We don’t really make much; it’s just some pocket money. The Cake Boutique is only three months old; we are planning on starting a website. The money that comes in is very fluctuating; we make around Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 4,000 a month.

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Abigail Sunithi, 23

Completed M.A. Communication

Madras Christian College


Hobby turned vocation:  Almost all kinds of art and craft – gift boxes, customised greeting cards, customised bags, pillows and painted t-shirts, hair bands and jewellery.

How do you make time?  Whenever I get the idea the first thing I do is to jot it down and make them when I find time. I usually use my holidays and the time before or after college and during weekends. A customised pillow takes me an entire day whereas for most of the other things about an hour or so will do.

Why do you do this?  For me, this is something that I am passionate about. When you work you’re just working but with art and craft you put your heart and soul into it. The things you create, especially art, being a reflection of who you are is something I strongly believe in.

How much cash do you make?  Till date I have only taken money for the raw material and do what is asked of me because it has been for family and friends. If I do start selling it to others I could make around Rs.5,000 to Rs. 7,000 in a month.

Get in touch:  98405 11039

Bernady Francis, 22

Biomedical Engineer/ M.S. Quality Management – BITS (WILP)

Hi-Tech Diagnostic Centre


Hobby turned vocation:  Nail art

How do you make time?  This is a hobby and it interests me a lot. I do this after I’m done with work in the evenings and during the weekends.

Why do you do this?  Since I’m interested in this there is very little stress involved. Also because it’s related to art and hand work. There is very little investment and it’s all about creativity. Hobbies in general are profitable. It’s a fun way to balance work and study.

How much cash do you make?  In a month participation in around three events brings in about Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000

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