I Too Had a Love Story: Ravinder Singh, Rs. 100

Simple, honest and touching love story.

Heartbreaks & Dreams: The Girls @ IIT: Parul A. Mittal, Rs. 100

Delightful attempt at depicting circumstantial challenges intrinsic to a college campus, characterised by a skewed sex-ratio, cut-throat competition, gruelling course work and a largely geek population.

Children of a Better God: Susmita Bagchi, Rs. 250

About agonising challenges faced by children who have to live with lifelong disability and the ways in which these very special children can powerfully enrich our lives with their grit, positive spirit and sheer courage.

The Emissary: Aniruddha Bahal, Rs. 699

Patchwork of intrigue, betrayal, violence and military skulduggery.

Confessions: John Grisham, Rs. 299

An innocent man is days away from execution. Only a guilty man can save him.


A History of Christianity: Diarmaid MacCulloch, Rs. 699

Follows the story of Christianity around the globe, from ancient Palestine to contemporary China.

The Mahatma and the Ism: E.M.S. Namboodiripad, Rs. 250

It remains important for its pioneering effort to assess Gandhism, for its rich content and sensitive handling of a great personality and for subjecting the ideology and politics of that personality to incisive critical appraisal.

Capital: A New Abridgement (Oxford World's Classics): Karl Marx, Rs. 165

Abridged edition to take account of the whole of capital.

Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay's Dance Bars: Sonia Faleiro, Rs. 450

Vivid and intimate portrait of one reporter's journey into the dark, pulsating and ultimately damaged soul of Bombay.

Guinness World Record 2011, Rs. 1,364

Exploding with thousands of new records.

Source: Modern Book Centre