Burnt Shadows: Kamila Shamsie, Rs.425

The most ambitious novel by this talented writer. Kamila Shamsie casts her imagination remarkably far and wide, through time and across countries.

The Weight of a Mustard Seed: Wendell Steavenson, Rs. 695

Wendell Steavenson has a poet’s eye, a generous spirit and a rare and wonderful gift; she can write a sentence that pulls you up short, both with beauty and truth.


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: Haruki Murakami, Rs. 270

Murakami manages to set a course that takes in views of literature, sport and the uphill journey of ageing, all with a modest fluency that covers the ground without raising a sweat.

Kahlil Gibran, Man and Poet: A New Biography Author: Susheil Bushrui & Joe Jenkins, Rs. 395

The incisive new biography penetrates to the very heart of Gibran’s brilliance. Going beyond the many myths that surround Gibran, Bushrui and Jenkins chart his colourful life, his dramatic love affairs, and his artistic achievements, to present a unique portrait of a remarkable man.

Life in the Universe: A Beginner’s Guide: Lewis Dartnell, Rs. 225

An outstanding introduction to the newly emerging and exciting field of astrobiology.

India and the Global Financing Crisis: Managing Money and Finance: Y.V. Reddy, Rs. 595

Dr. Reddy’s approach and policies have stood the test as the world has seen the financial crisis and its consequences unfold over the last one year.

The First Muslims: History and Journey: Asma Afsaruddin, Rs. 375

This book reconstructs the first three centuries of Islam to offer a fascinating exploration of the origins and development of the religion.

The Memorable Films of the World: From the Diaries of the Film Societies: H.N. Narahari Rao, Rs. 425

Well researched document on 160 films, from silent era to contemporary works, covering 50 countries.

Source: D C Books