Tolerant India

In an age when the idea of the religious community is determined by stereotypes and old fault lines, Saba Naqvi takes a journey across the country in search of her own identity among people, communities and shrines that challenge our predetermined notions of what makes a Muslim or a Hindu. Along the way, she finds places and people on the periphery of absolute identities, culling out a unique space for themselves in an orthodox, exclusivist society. In Good Faith is a journalistic account of the discovery of an India that at times defies belief the India of faraway shrines in quaint little places, and of communities and individuals who reach out to a common God.

In Good Faith: A Journey in Search of an Unknown India 

(Hardbound) by Saba Naqvi   

Rupa Publications

Rs. 395

Winged wonders

In this book, Peter Smetacek invites us into the fascinating world of butterflies. We accompany him on expeditions deep into the mountains of the Himalaya, high desert landscapes of Ladakh, leopard and bear-infested forests of Kumaon, scenic meadows of Garhwal, and all manner of other habitats, as he attempts to capture rare and interesting species an all-black butterfly that hasn’t been spotted for over a century, drunken moths that behave no differently from their human counterparts when they are tipsy, high-elevation butterflies that sail over mountain peaks, and caterpillars that are worth more than their weight in gold.

Butterflies on the Roof of the World

Peter Smetacek

Aleph Book Company

Rs. 495

On her own words

Meet Saina Nehwal — India’s star badminton player and World Number 4, Padma Shri and Khel Ratna awardee, the girl who brought laurels to India by winning an Olympic medal at the age of 22.  In this memoir, she talks about her childhood and growing-up years; her relationship with the most important people in her life; the ups and downs of her celebrated career, from district level wins to the Olympics; and the sacrifices needed to succeed in any sport. She also reveals little-known facts and offers a peek into her many avatars — daughter, sister, student, and the regular girl behind the badminton prodigy.

Playing to Win

Saina Nehwal

Penguin Books

Rs. 199

Textbook of life

In life you never get what you deserve: you get what you negotiate. What would you do if, out of the blue, a billionaire industrialist decided to make you the CEO of his company? No prior business experience necessary. There is only one catch: you need to pass seven tests from the ‘textbook of life’. This is the offer made to Sapna Sinha, an ordinary sales girl in an electronics boutique in downtown Delhi, by Vinay Mohan Acharya, one of India’s richest men. Thus begins the most challenging journey of Sapna’s life, one that will test her character, her courage and her capabilities. Along the way she encounters a host of memorable personalities, from a vain Bollywood superstar to a kleptomaniac Gandhian. At stake is a business empire worth ten billion dollars, and the future she has always dreamt of.

Accidental Apprentice

Vikas Swarup

Simon & Schuster, UK, India, Australia

Rs. 350