Story of the Taj

Giles Tillotson, a former Reader in History of Art at SOAS, now living in India, dwells on the human angle of the Taj story, apart from considering the reasons for its continuing status as a ‘Wonder of the World’ in his eponymously titled book about the ‘most photographed of structures’. Giles Tillotson recounts the human drama behind the building, particularly the relationship between Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who lie there

Taj Mahal Giles Tillotson Penguin; Rs. 399

On a city tour

Talk Of The Town features writings about 12 Indian cities – Hyderabad, Calcutta, Shillong, to name a few – by writers like William Dalrymple, Amitava Kumar and others, apart from the main introductory pieces by Jerry Pinto and Rahul Srivastava. There is also some interesting trivia like a corpse making prophecies, a ‘Begum slapping a British officer’ etc.

Talk of The Town Jerry Pinto and Rahul Srivastava Penguin; Rs. 199

Science fiction

The last novel from the Sci-Fi master, Arthur C. Clark and probably, Frederik Pohl’s last as well, who is also in his late eighties. Pohl took over after Clark found himself unable to complete the book owing to bad health. It recounts the story of a Sri Lankan mathematician who stumbles upon the proof to Fermat’s Theorem.

The Last Theorem Arthur C. Clark & Frederik Pohl