Experiences of two brothers

Some years ago June Bush inherited a set of diaries, journals and letter written between 1853 by her great-great-grandfather Captain Richard Warner.

Also with the collection were sixty-five letters from his son Ashton Cromwell Warner, who as a young serving officer in the Bengal Army, found himself caught up in the Seige of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

When June subsequently discovered in the British Library a further series of sixty-nine letters written to his parents during the Indian Rebellion by Ashton’s younger brother Wynyard, plus a number of other letters from concerned relatives and friends, she decided to compile the whole unpublished collection into a book.

The Warner Letters

June Bush Rs. 395

Parenting made easy

The book touches on various age groups, from toddler to teenager. Written by a family counsellor who is also a writer and editor, each topic provides key insights on a wide range of topics.

There’s literally something for every letter of the alphabet: from A for apologies to Z for Zombies. ABCs of Parenting holds many universal truths that are contained within us but are often forgotten in the hurly-burly of parenting. Devoid of jargon and judgements, the book is an enjoyable as well as illuminating read, cover to cover.

ABCs of Parenting Gouri Dange Rs. 175

Discover miracles

As you follow the simple day-to-day programme designed by Drs. Arnold and Barry Fox, you will learn to tap into the secrets of miracle making that are in your control. Discover the miraculous power of prayer. Overcome life’s obstacles by changing your self-talk.

Making Miracles Arnold Fox, Barry Fox Rs. 250

Qualitative analysis

A devastating analysis and warning by Arun Shourie based entirely on Pandit Nehru’s own notes to his officers, his correspondence including his letters to chief ministers, his speeches in and out of parliament.

Are We Deceiving Ourself Again? Arun Shourie Rs. 395