Obama – Creator of History

Carl Paddock, Rs. 275.00

This book provides deep insight into Barack Obama the man and his moment, the fragmented upbringing, his steely grit and the key events in his life. His important speeches and interviews also find place in the book.

A History Of Hindu

Civilisation During

British Rule

Pramatha Nath Bose,

Rs. 180.00

This edition is a reprint of a treatise bearing the same title published a century ago in India and abroad. It is an objective assessment of the British Rule in India by a gifted Indologist without fear, favour or bias.

The New Home Builder

Paul Hymers, Rs. 675.00

This book contains clear, concise advice and informative diagrams that will you at every stage of building a house, from financing the build to choosing fittings.

A Vedic Grammar

for Students


Rs. 250.00

Here is a key to unlock the oldest treasury of mankind’s wisdom: Vedic literature, not just the metrical language of its hymns, but also the prose pieces of the Brahmanas/Brahmana-like writings: whether from the Atharva or the Yajurveda.

Indo-Portuguese Diplomacy During the 16th

and 17th Centuries

Afzal Ahmed, Rs. 995.00

Most of the diplomatic issues and political relations between the Portuguese Estado da India and the South Indian states have been studied thoroughly in the present work, with critical views.


Sirshree, Rs. 120.00

This book contains the greatest of gifts: the freedom from fear is the gift of courage, freedom from worry is the gift of happiness, freedom from anger is the gift of peace. From the author of the bestselling Hindi book ‘Swa-Samwad ka Jaadu.’

Portuguese Trade and Socio-Economic Changes on the Western Coast of India

Afzal Ahmad, Rs. 500.00

This book examines in detail the Portuguese relations with the Indian states along with their exports and imports of European and Asian merchandises with Goa on the western coast of India as its commercial headquarters for the whole Portuguese empire in the east, and finally to Portugal.

Birds of the Indian Ocean


Rs. 995.00

This photographic guide to the birds of the Indian Ocean islands features a selection of the most commonly encountered and striking bids species of Madagascar, the Seychelles, the Comoros, and the Mascarenes, a region boasting high levels of endemism. Information on each species covers the bird’s appearance, basic behaviour, preferred habitats and geographical distribution. Each bird is allocated a full page with a photograph and text.

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