Famous Speeches

G. S. Balarama Gupta,

Rs. 130.00

The purpose of this anthology is to acquaint students and teachers and no less the general reading public with some specimens of great speeches drawn from different climes and ages, with a special emphasis on the Indian component.

English for Success

G. Radhakrishna Pillai,

Rs. 120.00

The importance of language skills in career development is borne out by the fact that English language skills form an integral and important part of all competitive examinations. This book aims to help those who wish to do well in such examinations and later in life.

Hindu Manners Custome and Ceremonies

Abbe J.A. Dubois,

Rs. 195.00

This book covers the division of castes in India along with its advantages and disadvantages. The author has mentioned the antiquity and origin of caste. The author has touched on all the spheres of customs of Hindu mythology in his writings along with the remarks on the origin of famous temples too.

Effective English

Communication For You

V. Syamala, Rs. 130.00

The focus of English language teaching has shifted from the subtleties of grammar rules to the actual use of English in real contexts of life. With this communicative approach to language teaching in view, this book has its emphasis on the practical use of the language for different functions.

A Dictionary of Hindu Architecture

Prasanna Kumar

Acharya, Rs. 400.00

This volume is the first in ‘Manasara’ series, the treatise containing knowledge and experience in town-planning, architecture, sculpture etc of ancient India. The present volume is a dictionary which devotes itself to the terminology of Hindu architecture.

The Ramayan of Valmiki

Ralph T.H. Griffith,

Rs. 375.00

Griffith’s command of poetical diction enabled him to reproduce the form and spirit of the ancient hymns better than by means of prose or of rhyming verse. His method of interpretation was eclectic; it follows partly the medieval commentators, partly the researches of western scholars supplemented by investigations of his own.

English for Writers and Translators

Robin Macpherson,

Rs. 130.00

This book is especially addressed to those who wish to know how to express ideas in clear, elegant and sophisticated English and who would like to enhance their creative potential in the written language.

The Decisive Battles

of India

Col. G. B. Malleson,

Rs. 225.00

This volume contains the story of the conquest of the several races of India. The battles which illustrate the story were all, in the truest sense of the term, decisive battles.

A History of the Indian

Nationalist Movement

Sir Verney Lovett,

Rs. 135.00

Verney left India in April 1919. He has observed from close quarters various phases of the Indian Nationalist movement. In this book Verney has tried to trace its history and to summarise political conditions in India as they were when he left the country.

Encyclopedia Of Dogs

Rs. 495.00

The ultimate reference guide to the world of dogs. Highly illustrated throughout with photographs and graphics, complementing incisive and informative text. The essential guide for do-lovers and dog-owners.

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