Brideless in Wembley - Sanjay Suri, Rs. 495.00A fine revelation of the exuberant mosaic of life in post-immigration Britain, this work is equally about a people's search for an anchor in the alien land they have made their home.The Raja Is DeadShivani Singh, Rs. 295.00This is an intriguing, deftly plotted tale of murder defined by the complex laws of concubinage, kingship, primogeniture and heredity as also an intimate and witty portrait of India's derelict nobility and those condemned by birth and caste to serve it.Kargil: From Surpriseto VictoryGen. V. P. Malik, Rs. 595.00This incisive volume uncovers several new details and attempts to answer crucial questions such as: what was the extent of intelligence and surveillance failure on the Indian side and why? What was the rationale for India's grand strategy and how was the war managed? He rounds off with a survey of Indo-Pak security relations in the post-Kargil era.In Black & WhiteIna Puri, Rs. 425.00Chronicling Manjit Bawa's personal and professional life and the myriad experiences and influences that shaped him as an artist and a man, Ina Puri, presents to us his various facets - artists, poet, pacifist, singer, musician, actor, father, husband and friend.The Red CarpetLavanya Sankaran, Rs. 295.00This is an enjoyable, witty and humane collection of stories as rich and absorbing, as any novel. From traditional Indian mothers urging their Westernised children towards marriage, caste-bound chauffeurs, and Anglo-Indian convent teachers the author subverts themes of family, love and cultural identity.KarmabhumiPremchand, Rs. 395.00Premchand explores the complex world of human relationships while firmly grounding his characters in the social and political realities of his times. With its focus on the nationalist movement and strong political and social overtones, this volume will be of interest to the general reader, as well as students and scholars of literature and social history.SeeingJose Saramago, Rs. 635.00In his new novel Saramago has created the politician's ultimate nightmare, disillusionment, not with one party, but with all, thereby rendering the entire democratic system useless. This work explores how easily this could be brought about and how devastating the results might be.Across the Mystic ShoresSuroopa Mukherjee, Rs. 295.00The arrival of the young boy in an upper-middle-class Bengali household triggers a gripping story of love, desire and renunciation. The novel explores the entwining lives of four women forced to confront their past decisions in order to understand their present delusions and insecurities.Identity and ViolenceAmartya Sen, Rs. 295.00In this work Sen probes, with reason and humour, the roots of some of the most difficult and explosive problems of our day, those of race, identity and conflict. It reveals a new vision of how to obtain peace, by respecting the humanity and diversity of others.The Rhetoric of English IndiaSara Suleri, Rs. 295.00This is one of the most enduring testaments of 'colonial cultural studies' imbued with a more enhanced degree of self-reflexivity about its own practices. This is a comprehensive, detailed, probing accounts of the issues involved in postcolonial cultural studies.Green Well YearsManohar Devadoss, Rs. 195.00In his candid and moving autobiographical novel the author recreates the shifting preoccupations and learning processes of a young boy and his inevitable loss of innocence during his transition to adulthood. The exquisite pen-and-ink drawings by the author add a new dimension to the book.(Source: Just Fiction, Kochi Phone: 2665974)