For the teenager

Teenagers are grown-up individuals aspiring to have his or her own social identity. It’s an age when they have tremendous measure of enthusiasm, plenty of energy, big dreams and unconventional ideas to win the whole world, but it is also true that they are bewildered and confused. At a time when conventional wisdom is challenged very often and traditional values are no more relevant, they seek guidance from experienced professionals. This book is an effort in that direction. Lateral thinking, seven hat method of constructive dialogue, choosing the right path, creative thinking and daring to choose unconventional and less adventured career are some of the major subjects dwelled upon in the book. The author has tried to evolve steps to help young readers achieve better personality traits . The steps suggested are simple and easy to follow. A must read for young adults.

Choose your destiny

By Rajiv K Mishra Rupa &Co Price: Rs. 195

Haunting heritage

The Assassin’s Song opens in the 1960s in a village in Western India, the site of the thirteenth-century Sufi shrine of Pirbaag. Karsan Dargawalla is next in line after his father to assume the lordship of the shrine. But Karsan longs to be to be a great cricketer and play for his country . In secret he applies to go to Harvard, and when he is accepted, he can’t resist the opportunity – though this means profound disappointment for his father and heartbreak for his mother. Soon the intellectual excitement and discoveries of his new life compel him to abdicate his succession to the throne. But even as he succeeds in his ‘ordinary life’ his heritage continues to haunt him. Finally when a personal tragedy strikes in Canada, and Pirbaag is devastated by communal violence, he is drawn back across thirty years of separation and silence to discover what, if anything, is left for him in India. The Assassin’s Song By M.G.Vassanji Penguin Viking Price: Rs. 450