This month at has acquired an US based e-commerce company, and now onwards the combined business will be known as throughout the worldHannibal Rising
Thomas Harris
Arrow Books £ 2.99The latest Hannibal Lecter goes back in time, to the doctor's formative years, and that's half the problem, because the young Lecter is exactly like the older one, except that he hasn't started eating people as yet! As someone put it, Anthony Hopkins' voice in the little boy's mouth is terribly disconcerting.However, none of that should keep you from reading this, its absolutely of historical value, and come to think of it, its not half as bad as one might have expected, for already with Hannibal, Harris appeared to have written himself out. Though slackly told, Hannibal's story is often poignant and very frightening, and it would be a pity not have a copy of the book.Hannibal
Thomas HarrisArrow Books £ 2.99 This is the place where we left Hannibal Lecter in the last film, which as we all know Jodie Foster refused to do because the content was too gory for her. Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling are ten years older than when we saw them in Silence of the Lambs, and Lecter is in hiding in Florence. He re-establishes contact with Clarice when she is disgraced following the deaths of five people during a drug raid. Reading Hannibal before reading Hannibal Rising might make sense because here you see a lot of the cannibalism that the new book seeks to trace back to and explain. Hannibal explores the intriguing relationship between Dr. Lecter and Special Agent Clarice Starling taking it to an unexpected end, one different from the movie. For One More Day
Mitch Albom
Sphere Rs. 475Though this is typical Albom, sentimental, cute, mushy all in one, it isn't such a bad read, perhaps because it's about a strong woman!! The alcoholic hero who wasted his life attempting to make baseball his occupation, who dismissed his mother when she was around, finds her in his childhood home when he goes there months after she died (no, its not a ghost story, he drunkenly crashes his car into a truck and blacks out, hovering between death and life). He now sees her for what she always was: an interesting, considerate woman who worked hard to raise her children with dignity, who never once let herself belittled by her husband's leaving, who never held her children to ransom for affection. And he longs for that one more day of the title. Makes you think of all the women who stood up for their children all over the world. Yes, it's that kind of book. If it happens to be next to you, don't feel reluctant to pick it up and read, I guarantee you will not be the worse for it. In the Name of Honour
Mukhtar Mai
Virago Rs. 395This ought to have been interesting. But it's not, and the fault perhaps lies in Marie-Therese-Cuny's intervention in the writing. Mukhtar Mai was gang raped in 2002 in punishment for a `honour crime' supposedly committed by her brother. When Mukhtar Mai decided not to kill herself as would have been the customary reaction and instead took her rapists to court, the `case' made headlines. This memoir is written with the `help' of Marie-Therese-Cuny and translated by Linda Coverdale, and one doesn't know if the trouble is in the telling or the translating, but the effect is not very encouraging for the reader. I found the whole thing a little contrived, and yet, the story is gripping, or is it that the story had already been told in the papers? Perhaps the book seems like a dramatisation of the reports, almost as if the reports were not grisly enough and so we now have the book version. I did not like it at all.KALA KRISHNAN RAMESH