Heirs of Ravenscar: Barbara Yaylor Bradford, Rs. 295

A sweeping saga of passion and intrigues.

Salamander Cotton: Richard Kunzmann, Rs. 289

Seeds of vengeance sown in a desolate landscape.

You Don’t Love Me Yet: Jonathan Lethem, Rs. 295

A novel of exquisite charm and sophistication.

An Iron Rose: Peter Temple, Rs. 247

A truly international 21st century thriller set in Johannesburg, Angola, Hamburg and London with an exquisite denouement.

Unaccustomed Earth: Jumpa Lahiri, Rs. 450

The heart of family life and the immigrant experience. A superb collection.


My Country My Life: L. K. Advani, Rs. 595

An extraordinary self-portrait of India’s leading political personality - Lal Krishna Advani. Bryson’s Dictionary for Writers and Editors: Bill Bryson, Rs. 595

What is the difference between cant and jargon, or assume and presume? Bestselling writer Bill Bryson’s personal collection built over 30 years as a writer and editor.

The Future of Democracy: Farees Zakaria, Rs. 325

A fascinating and thought-provoking book on the impact of Western constitutional principles on the global order. Now in paperback.

In the Line of Fire - A Memoir: Pervez Musharraf, Rs. 425

This memoir tells us a great deal about a military Muslim leader we need to understand. Now in paperback.

Indian Army Vision 2020: Gurmeet Kanwal, Rs. 495

This is a scholar- warrior’s view of the nation’s defence preparedness, especially that of the army.

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