My sister from New Zealand is visiting me in September this year. She wants me to keep mangoes for her. I would like to know how I can preserve ripe mangoes for at least 4 months in the deep freezer. I have at the moment, peeled the mangoes and cut them into slices and put them into plastic boxes in the deep freezer. Will these last till then or will they turn pulpy?Please adviseDelilah NathanTrimulgherryThe best way to preserve mangoes is by wax coating or by blast freezing at -40 degrees. Peeled mangoes can not stay for long as scalding will happen. The other way to preserve mangoes is by taking out the pulp and freezing it.

Micro use

We have recently purchased a microwave oven. Please suggest us any tips for making the best utilisation of it or any good books which provide us information about all the recipes .K. SandhyaI am not aware of what type of micro wave you have bought. But read the manual given by the company, make sure you follow all the instructions carefully. Make a cleaning schedule for the microwave oven. The books that you can refer is Professional Baking and Microwave cookbook.PRADEEP KHOSLA

Executive Chef, Taj Krishna