A shmit Patel, better known as Amisha Patel's brother and the guy whose leaked MMS with girlfriend Riya Sen caused their relationship to end, is on ‘Bigg Boss 4', and already cozying up with a television star trying to find her bearings in Bollywood. Sparks are reportedly flying between the two, and the girl has cried on Ashmit's shoulders about her current failed relationship.

While this couldn't come at a more opportune time for the lad, the girl's boyfriend claims it's a TRP game by the channel. Ashmit's publicist, who also handled the infamous case of Shilpa Shetty in ‘Big Brother', has made it clear that Ashmit's not staging a romance, but being himself. That would be a little difficult to decode, considering not many know who Ashmit is in the first place, wouldn't it?

Needling the wife

W e wonder if all is well at the Akshay Kumar household, nowadays. We have good reason to suspect the continuance of domestic peace there. Akshay got a little carried away in one of the episodes of his TV series ‘MasterChef India' and confessed that his wife doesn't know how to cook! Appreciate the honesty and all that Akshay, but we doubt if any woman wants her shortcomings out in the open.

Akshay, it appears, was quick to point out that cooking was a passion thing — you either loved it or you didn't, and that there was no need for everyone to know it. But, we think the damage has been done!

New image

S harman Joshi, who has established himself as the comic man, the simple guy who is loved for all his antics, and the do-gooder, wants to get an image change.

The actor has always been appreciated for all his roles, but is tired of playing Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes. Hence, “Allah Ke Banday”.

Sharman looks different in this hard-hitting drama about two kids from the slums who willy-nilly walk into the darkness, and their progress thereafter.