How do the people you know impact you?

I think the recreation of a beautiful personality is the most challenging yet the most rewarding process ever. A feeling of goodness, peace and absolute bliss. A perfect symmetry of mind, body, soul and spirit! All this is possible if you take care of all your elements with equal care and concern. And that means having a regular fitness regime (are you?), meditating often, eating right, doing good deeds whenever you can and whenever you must, praying, showing gratitude, remaining positive, being kind and concerned about others feelings and so on. The truth is, if you follow these simple rules, well, it soon becomes part of your nature and your personality. And I really hope that it has and will continue to be.

In the last two articles, we saw how we can control our thoughts and all our actions. This is the feeling of power and energy. But these are things that we can do without excuses, because we are in charge.

We cannot blame anyone for this. So we have to assume total responsibility for what we do and what we don't.

No man is an Island. We all live in a society. People are an integral part of our life whether by destiny or by choice.

For easy analysis let's categorise them into:

People by chancePeople by choice

There are people who are part of our lives by destiny, whether we want them or not; like them or not. Such as our parents, siblings, spouse, in-laws, relatives, children, teachers, colleagues, class mates and people who come in as part and parcel of our daily life by default. But they are there. We don't have much of a choice here and they are here to stay. Especially our family. People by choice are the people we consciously decide that they are going to be part of our lives, whether temporarily or permanently. These are our friends, associates, employees, vendors, gurus, spouses (if you have selected your own), acquaintances and so on.

But the freedom we have in both these is that we can decide at what distance we are going to keep them, the depth and degree of the relationship, how much we are going to give and take.

The other common factor is that all these people are capable of affecting us in some way or the other. Some give us joy, peace, companionship, brotherhood, comfort, love, protection, positive energy and the like whereas from others we get loads of negativity– pain, abuse, discontent, anger and discouragement. So either we feel good or bad just by being with these people or around them.

The finding process

Lets make a list of all the people in our lives.

Against each name write the feelings they bring out in you and the way you they make you feel.

Very simple, isn't it? Let's do that.

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